DUAL Tuner Radio CT 1440 spare parts / defect

DUAL Tuner Radio CT 1440 spare parts / defect

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DUAL Tuner Radio CT1440 as a spare part.

Error Description:

When I had the door of Dual HiFi tower closed, I noticed a pungent odor and a greyish smoky from the tuner.

I was still thinking the smoke detector and it was already happening and the owner was on the doorstep. Unplugged, well ventilated and even breaths vigorously.

I waited an hour, power plug is plugged in and turned on.


Besides lighting no further reaction.

Looking for a repair shop, I am not made to me.

From various forums I read that a diode or something like blown. I myself am not able to fix this myself to so I offer this to the sale.

(Maybe there is someone who this great dual tuner CT1440 breathes a new life.)


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