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LP DJANGO Ein Sarg voll Rache

LP DJANGO Ein Sarg voll Rache

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LP DJANGO A coffin full of vengeance Europe E417 1970

An Italo-Western class as a radio play

The people (in order of Autretens):
Johnny Horst Beck
Django Hellmut Lange
Pedro Claus Wagener
Rosita Herma Koehn
Gonzales Konrad Halver
Steven Parker Werner Hinz
Jonathan Miller Hans Paetsch
Judith Miller Heike Kintzel
Michael Salvador Weckler
further: The inhabitants of the city Nogales and Parkers people

The story is set at a glance:

Saloon in the northern Mexican city of Nogales
hut Rosita
Parker's hacienda
On the river in front of Nogales
Miller Ranch
Parker's hacienda
Guard against Parker's hacienda
Parker's hacienda
Saloon in Nogales

On the LP cover pseudonym called 'Pier Franco Antonelli' who wrote the cover according to the radio play and directed to have led to Konrad Halver hides.


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