Rating by email

Rating by email

Ratings about me Axel Vogel, privatecollection.de Collect and rare. Excerpts from mailings. (Email address or full name will not be given)

Candlestick came today, according to my wife he looks great. Thanks and regards M. H. Austria (Austria)

Everything OK, thanks. K. W. Germany

Dear Mr. Vogel: The package is well received a few minutes ago, arrived well packaged.
Content intact. Good condition. Am thrilled! Thank you very much.

Gruss, G.A.F. USA ... 8-)

I reported once again that he should rate me at Shopvote, the answer was:
Rating ... what?
Your service was good and reliable!
Gruss, G.A.F. USA

Dear Mr. Vogel,
Goods are well packed and arrived safely today at xx.xx.xxxx here. Thank you for the fast service.

Sincerely, G. Sch.

Dear Mr. Vogel,
thanks for the fast reply. Have just bought the LP in her shop. with kind regards G. St.

Dear Mr. Vogel,
the shipment is today, xx.xx.xxxx, in perfect condition and completely arrived with me. Best regards C. Sch.

Hello Mr. Vogel,
the filler has arrived safely today. Thank you for the fast and careful shipping! Will also write a good review.

I wish you a nice weekend

Thank you and best regards from the Far North

Sent via Good Work

Dear Mr. Vogl.
Thank you for your prompt reply and the phone call.
We are really very unsure if this family chronicle is suitable for us. Therefore, we order the item with your permission to return it.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards
C. and W.F.

On 27.12.2015 at 16:17 privatecollection wrote:

Merry Christmas and good afternoon Mr W. F.,

Normally I do not do this, in their case I can make an exception, (how do I come to it, I googled a bit) I think they handle it carefully.

Please give me your address for shipping.

Dear Mr. Vogel!
The family chronicle pleases! Just now (on 29/12/15 at 16:40 clock) I have transferred the amount due to you from 67.62 € on their designated account. Thank you for your efforts!
We wish a healthy, happy year 2016!

Good evening, Mr. W. and Mrs. C. F., I am glad that you like this family chronicle.

I attached the receipt for your chronicle in the attachment as pdf.

I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards

Hello Mr. Vogel,

Thanks again for your effort! With Christmas paper, I had now not expected - my request was on Packpaier o.Ä. as a "privacy screen". So, thanks again!
If there is no further effort, please send the confirmation via email.
First of all, a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

MfG R.M.

Hello Mr. Vogel,

I just googled for "Holzner Champion" (as Holzner I know that our top models were called "Champion"). The "privatecollection.de" comes as a hit 1. Just try it yourself ... I entry appears but just without a photo and ordering, so my request.
Recently I decided to collect a small collection of our old skis - but only the special classics.

Best regards


Fri 15.04.2016 07:51
Hello Mr. Vogel,
the radiator has arrived safely,
thank you lg J. K.

Thu 01.12.2016 17:50
Dear Mr. Vogel!

The three WMF tea glasses have just arrived safely. Now my set is complete again.
Thank you for great service, the fast shipping and the extra coaster, which I was very happy.

Best regards

Mon 16.01.2017
Price suggestion for: Sigma tea pot Victoria Blue No. 7050 blue flowers

Dear Mr. Vogel,
I wish you a happy new year with good luck, success in all things and always good health.

Thank you for your offer. I would take the teapot and suggest the price XX euros. Would that be OK for you?

Fri 06.01.2017 13:23
Dear Mr. Vogel,
The package arrived. Everything was packed very carefully. Unfortunately, a broken cup was in there. Did she maybe have a jump before?
(Pictures in the appendix).
That's a shame.
Thank you for the nice addition.
Best regards

PS: Cup was then sent by separate post. (Cups are really fragile, that's like sending raw eggs)

Super everything BEST - XXX says Thank you kerosene lamp brass Sks design, oil lamp, table lamp


Question: Is there any way that shipped to the United States? I am more than willing to pay the extra shipping costs. I've been looking for a teapot for a long time and getting a little desperate! Thanks either way, A.xxxx


The beautiful teapot has reached its new home! It is in perfect shape after its trip across the ocean. Thank you for packaging it so carefully! I'll be back soon