Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

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Radio play - LP LP from 1971 Original Theatrical Version

According to the narratives of Walt Disney

The foolhardy witch with her flying bed.

The LP is in good condition and Sleeve Condition

Presentation with storybook character.

People and narrators are :


  • Christl Berndl , Sabine Clasen , Ursula war , Ursular Pawlowski , Edith Robbers , Andre Brandt , HW Clasen , Otto Czarski , Thomas Dannerberg , Erich Fiedler, Helo crediting Wager , HB Crafts, Wilfried Herbst, Hans Hesseling , Gerd Holtenau , Rolf Marnitz , Arnold Marquis , Gerd Martienzen , Ingo Osterloh , Edgar Ott, Palm Hein , Joachim Pukaß , Peter Schiff , Friedrich Schoenfelder , Benjamin Volz , Peter Cornehlsen choir.

Words and Music

  • Eberhard Cronshagen , Richard M. Sherman , Robert B. Sherman

dialogue director   

  • Eberhard Cronshagen

Very rare speciman of a LP STMA 9631

Wikipedia info


Caroline Price lived in the last war with three London children in a house on the English coast . She was a student of " distance learning institute of Witchcraft ", because she wanted to learn magic. The director was Professor Emelius Browne. When the director refused to send the last lesson , Miss Price decided to fly to London with the children . They sat down on a bed, Paul turned to the bed knob and - hui - the journey went wrong ......



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