Privacy policy


General Information

The data transmitted by you to me are of course

confidential and stored only for the business relationship between us.

The data is not for advertising and market research

used and not disclosed to third parties.

Therefore, these are questions about useless.

You receive only messages that are used to Checkout.

There are no mass e-mails (spam) sent.

It was my turn, all technical and organizational

Taken measures to keep your data safe.

You can also have stored in my data at any time.

Do this, send an e-mail with your full name and the appropriate subject.

Contact form

The data collected in the contact form are mandatory and are only for the service and thus bound to inquiries made by or of any impending Checkout. You are required to give truthful these Specify. The contact is sent via E-mail via the address privatshop-Axel.Vogel @ possible. Please refrain from attached files, as they will be removed without their information.


In the case of a purchase contract formation

additional personal data

(Title, address, etc.) collected.

The data from a purchase agreement (the delivery address, product purchase price)

the long run and saved to serve you in the future

offer a bespoke service.

If you do not buy an item or have no interest in buying more of my articles will remove your stored data. You can also ask at any time using the contact form to delete your data. The data of a contract / an invoice will be deleted at the earliest after 2 years.

Data Collection Form for purchase

This form will be completed upon receipt of a transaction number. The data collected here serve as the basis of a contract. Please note, that have your personal information (name, address, etc.) all truthfully and completely to avoid delays or back discomfort. Try to ask all the details (shipping, totals, etc. entered correctly). Corrects errors that occur are of me in retrospect, and sent again to you for inspection.

You will then receive an online invoice. However, should data be incorrect or incomplete, you still are interested to have the opportunity this email immediately. Once the bill has been paid to the sales contract is with the data entered as stock.